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Beauty Tips



Fanatical coverage of Sid Meier's Civilization series.

  17,612   $ 472,320.00

YellowBridge Chinese Dictionary and Language Tools


YellowBridge is a cultural bridge to Chinese culture, with an emphasis on Chinese language tools.

  141,320   $ 48,600.00

Civilization defined and explained in plain English (August 2012)


An explanation of civilization that repairs the omission of all previous works on the subject by defining civilization (Last amended 18/08/12)

  846,450   $ 960.00

Civilization III: Home


The official website for Sid Meier's Civilization III by FIRAXIS Games

  1,688,710   $ 480.00

Assyrian Information Management (AIM)


an Internet-based academic repository of the Aramaic-speaking Christian Assyrians in the Middle East, documenting the national struggle for their homeland and statehood in...

  1,057,097   $ 720.00

A Blog About History - History News


This is a blog about history. It features news articles and links to interesting history-related items from around the world.

  891,057   $ 720.00

Melayu Online


Melayu : Berita melayu, Bahasa melayu, Sejarah melayu, Komunitas melayu, Kamus melayu, portal data dunia melayu.

  500,593   $ 1,440.00

World Network of Religious Futurists -> future of religion


A professional society advancing research into the future of religion. Join as a scholar, educator or practitioner to receive bulletins, email forum, conference invitations.

  7,032,872   $ 8.95

Civilization Webring Forum


Die Foren des Civilization Webringes - Treffpunkt der deutschsprachigen Spieler von civ2, civ3, civ4 und civ5.

  121,977   $ 56,400.00

Непознанный мир


Сайт объединяет все необъяснимые явления в нашей жизни: необычное, аномальное и паранормальное, магию и религию, предсказания, НЛО и НЛП а так-же научные открытия, тайны...

  141,797   $ 48,600.00 - Deutsche Civilization-Fansite

- - Deutsche Civilization-Fansite

  411,293   $ 5,760.00

Roshd Islamic Shia Website


The Islamic Shia information site which contains the Islamic Shia principles(Divine unity,Divine Justice,Prophethood,Imamat,Resserruction,Quran),discussions about Quran and...

  682,006   $ 960.00

Islam and Dajjal


Present Islam is not Islam at all,we are calling to true Islam.Dajjal has been identified.Dajjal is main enemy for Islam, Muslim and all civilization today

  10,394,399   $ 8.95

Startseite - Strategie-Zone


Das deutsche Forum für Strategiespiele. Wo man sich austauscht, miteinander spielt und das Leben genießt.

  448,656   $ 5,040.00

Giant Multiplayer Robot


Giant Multiplayer Robot is a service that makes turn-based Civilization V multiplayer games easy. Games are played by automatically exchanging save files, similiar to play...

  701,178   $ 960.00

IndianSaga - Browse an experience

- presents to you a comprehensive saga of India, its history at every stage of development, it unleashes before you the art treasures of India which are among the...

  865,496   $ 720.00

Cosmic Supremacy - A free turn based massively multiplayer online space...


Challenge your skills in planet management, diplomacy, ship design, and fleet tactics, in this unique 4X game with a full 3D environment.

  9,833,986   $ 8.95

R. V. Bey Publications Changing the Literature. Civics.


Civics For The Rising Generations. You will find the Books, DVDs and Audio CDs, interesting and Refreshing. Most of them are short readings that appeal to one’s DNA..

  749,269   $ 960.00

Terasology Splash Site


Terasology is a game that pays ample tribute to Minecraft in initial look and origin, but stakes out its own niche by adopting the NPC-helper and caretaker feel from such games...

  1,556,570   $ 480.00

Weekly Science



  825,677   $ 960.00

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