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VOA 한국어


VOA, 미국의 소리 방송 한국어 웹사이트 입니다. 한반도와 함께 미국을 비롯한 세계 곳곳의 뉴스와 유익한 정보들을 전해드립니다.

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asia, news, network, Southeast Asia, Business, Viewpoint, Hot Topics, Features, Sports, Science, Technology, People, Lifestyles, Arts, Culture, Explore, Asianology, Bangladesh,...

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The Diplomat Magazine | Read The Diplomat, Know the Asia-Pacific


The Diplomat is a current-affairs magazine for the Asia-Pacific, with news and analysis on politics, security, business, technology and life across the region.

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Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament


CND campaigns non-violently to rid the world of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction and to create genuine security for future generations

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Coyote Blog | Dispatches from District 48


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myHeritage | For Members of the Conservative Heritage Foundation


Reports on how The Heritage Foundation is changing the debate in Washington, plus profiles of Heritage's conservative members and updates on

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Official website of author Randy Alcorn - Eternal Perspective Ministries


Learn more about Seoul USA and North Korean Christians.

  346,901   $ 14,580.00 | Factual, Informative, Timely - Reporting on...


Citizen Journalist Source for World, National, Health, Technology, Economic, Political, Social, and Business News

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Sick Chirpse


Kill 5 minutes of your day with some Sick Chirpse.

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The Traveler's Blog


Traveling in Asia

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The Global Panorama


The Global Panorama is an online global news organisation that showcases news articles written by students and journalists from all around the world. We aim to

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Alamongordo Prophecies and predictions 2015


Prophecies and predictions 2015, attack on Pope in 2015 or 2016. IS attacks will increase. Possible war between NATO and Russia coming closer.

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Ozytive is informative source for the most interesting and hot topics on the internet. Ozytive focuses on being positive and inspire people.

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The Top Information post | DNA


Aggregating the latest news, breaking conspiracy news and current affairs. Coverage from across the globe from

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Korea Travel Information


Travel to Korea

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