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Mayo Medical Laboratories: Reference Laboratory services for hospitals worldwide


Medical reference laboratory providing esoteric and genetic testing services, test selection guidance, result interpretation references, and continuing education for clients...

  73,277   $ 113,760.00

SNDPZ, Société Nationale des Parcs Zoologiques


SNDPZ, Société Nationale Des Parcs Zoologiques. Siège : Domaine de Pescheray, Sarthe

  657,664   $ 1,200.00

Examples Help


Examples Help! Examples Help provides a wealth of free information relating to the different Parts of Speech, Punctuation, English Grammar and the Definition of Literary Words....

  739,000   $ 960.00

Philatelie 72 Timbres Materiel collection Philatelie monnaie Euro


Philatelie 72 catalogue Timbres poste France, Philaposte, Timbres Entreprise, Monaco, collection philatelie timbres annees completes varietes. MATERIEL collection philatélie,...

  642,884   $ 1,200.00

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